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Alpine Team


The following athletes have been nominated to the 2017-18 PNSA Alpine Team

To accept your position on the Alpine Team, please complete the ♦paperwork by Wednesday, Nov. 22nd.

Alpine Team Rules
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confirmed in green  -  updated Nov. 20, 2017

Rank L Name F Name Club Row
1** Collins Maddie SARS GS1
2** Baldwin Tess CMAC GS4
3** Bouchard Lili MBSEF SL3
4 Lowe Teegn MBSEF GS1
5 Knight Josie WPSC SG1
6 Holm Katie CMAC SL1
7 Jurgensen Savannah SSRA GS2
8 Seeber Hedy FAST SL2
A1 Jones Hailley MRST DH2
A2 Boden Farli SARS SL4
A3 Jones Madison MHA SL5
A4 Ireton Emma TAS DH5
A5 Sahm Sophia MBSEF GS6
A6 Moore Emma CMAC DH6
A7 Nardone Melissa MHA SL7
Rank L Name F Name Club Row
1** Cravens R Minam MBSEF NWC
2** Maxwell Trevor SARS NWC
decline Wear-Grmm Brandon SPAC NWC
decline Winters Luke MHRTA GS1
3 Lujan Tanner MBSEF GS2
4 Simmons Zachary MHRTA SG2
5 Nelson Preston MRST SL2
6 Ellis Tyler CMAC SG3
7 Scroggins Tucker MAC SG4
8 VanDerhoef Otto MRST SL4
9 Wimberly Jonathan MBSEF DH4
A1 Westman Kristopher SPAC GS6
A2 Trimble Trevor MRST SL6
A3 Larson Tyler SPAC GS7
A4 Webb Jeffrey MRST SL7
** NWC winners 16-17      
  Honorary US Ski Team Members  
  Ross Laurenne MBSEF  
  Wiles Jacqueline WPSC  
  Ford Tommy MBSEF  



Reminders of eligibility requirements to be named to the Alpine Team:

→Age 16-20 as of Dec. 31 of current season

→Renew with US Ski and Snowboard/FIS by August 15th

→Maintain permanent residence within PNSA

→Be a current member with a PNSA club - limited exceptions for independent athletes

→Be in good standing with PNSA from previous season (no outstanding balance, no disciplinary actions, etc.)

→Competed in NW Cup races in prior season - or missed NW Cup races due to attending WR Elite FIS, Nor Am or higher level

→Intend to compete in NW Cup races in current season