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Elite Pass


Elite Pass Invitation List


1st List - Valid Sept. 7, 2018


Quicklink to the invitation list:

Invitation List


Purchase deadline  Dec. 15 - application postmarked or payment via

PayPal by Dec. 8, 2018


    PNSA would like to invite the athletes listed below to participate in the Elite Pass program for the 2018-19 season.   Elite Passes will be awarded to athletes who attained Category 3 in at least 1 discipline (SL, GS, SG) based on Pts. List #15 of the 2017/18 season.  To be named to the 1st list  (Sept. 8, 2018) you must have registered/renewed your USSS membership prior to Sept. 1, 2018.   The list will be updated the 1st of each month with new USSS/PNSA membership names.


>>>>If an athlete is not listed below, the most likely reasons are:<<<<

1 - Has not renewed with USSS/PNSA by the listed date of the invitation list
2 - Did not meet criteria: ( category 3 in one discipline by July 15, 2018)

See rules - ACC is currently working on updating this


Elite Pass Pricing:

Competitor renewed with USSS October 25th or earlier:   $720

*Competitor renewed with USSS October 26th or later:  $750*

The late fee for passes always seems confusing.  If you registered with USSS on or prior to Oct. 25th, but do not buy your pass until Oct. 26 or later, you  pay $720.  Only those who registered with USSS Oct. 26th or later pay $750.


Click on the "PDF Application" link below for the complete packet of papers needed to sign up for the Elite Pass.  All papers in the packet must be filled out and signed for the pass to be issued.

For eligible atheltes, to purchase an Elite Pass, please download, complete, sign and mail the complete PDF application, payment and other mandatory forms to the PNSA office.


Make cheque payable to PNSA

or pay via PayPal, which includes PayPal's surcharge.

Note pricing for the different USSS renewal dates!

Elite Pass Options



Invitation List - Valid   

All athletes on the current list qualify for the $720 price.  Athletes with * by their name must pay the late fee price.

First Name Last Name   First Name Last Name
Quinn Albright   Jonah Aden
Callie Jo Anderson   Ben Albrecht
Tess Baldwin   Parker Andersen
Lucy Benda   Grant Andersen
Farli Boden   Ahad Ather
Alice Bouchard   Spencer Barclay
Lili Bouchard   Graham Barwick
Samantha Boughner   Karl Beck
Elly Bray   Robert Bernhardt
Isabella Buck   Jack Botti
Elyse Burandt   Remy Bourgault
Sophie Cauble   Campbell Brown
Hailey Cordry   Levi Brown
Piper Davis   Rylan Carter
Erica Debley   Samuel Cox
Savina Dock   R Minam Cravens
Amy Farley   Jack Dale
Alyssa French   Micah Davis
Eva Frey   Sam Demers
Annaliese Frohlich   Zachary Derwin
Anna Gibbons   William Dexter
Tatum Grosdidier   Grant Duffy
Riley Grosdidier   Tyler Ellis
Anne Hendrickson   Jarod Esnoz
Isabella Hoffman   Jake Farwig
Katie Holm   Winthrop Flaggert
Annika Howell   Blaine French
Emma Ireton   Sam Frohlich
Elena Kaimaktchiev   Ty Glumbik
Anastasia Kiku   Evan Graves
Ariana Kinnaman   Beckham Hanson
Josie Knight   Sam Hislop
Sydney Kraabel   Christopher Hulbert
Teegan Lowe   Henry Jones
Hannah McCann   Timur Klebleev
Zoe McDevitt   Jake Klonsky
Marykate McHenry   Kenny Knight
Frances Melby   Wyatt Kray
Madison Milgard   Tristan Krohn
Beth Mixon   Tyler Larson
Amanda Montesinos   Kyle Larson
Charlotte Morris   Nicholas Lawrence
Sanne Murphy   Cassell Lefevre
Melissa Nardone   Oliver Loeser
Annelise Norkitis   Christian McCourtie
Genevieve O'Donnell   Ian Morris
Maya Peck   Joshua Nardone
Mackenzie Price   George Neff
Elizabeth Quesinberry   Preston Nelson
Emily Rasmussen   Parker Overby
Bergen Rust   Alexi Panos
Hedy Seeber   Demitri Panos
Morgan Shaw   Timothy Parsons
Madeline Stern   Casey Pickett
Kestrel Sullivan   Roman Postforoosh
Madison Swanson   Reid Reininger
Noga Tal   Tucker Scroggins
Sequoyah Walther-Gingold   Colton Seeber
Michele Warner   Keenan Seidel
Taylor Watkins   Thomas Sickler
Evie Wright   Zachary Simmons
Madeline Zeldez   Owen Snyder-Smith
      Jackson Spadaro
      Nicholas Sramek
      Miles Stewart
      Alexander Stewart
      Trevor Trimble
      Benjamin Troyer
      Otto Vanderhoef
      Ian Vanderhoef
      Maxwell Vandersloot
      Luke Vecchiet
      Boomer Viori
      Jonny Walker
      Jeffrey Webb
      Peyton Wells
      Kristopher Westman
      Cale Westman
      Jonathan Wimberly
      Luke Winters
      Cai Yamamoto

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