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Elite Pass Invitation List


1st List - Valid TBA 


Quicklink to the invitation list:

Invitation List


Purchase deadline  Dec. 15 - application postmarked or payment via

PayPal by Dec. 8, 2018


    PNSA would like to invite the athletes listed below to participate in the Elite Pass program for the 2018-19 season.  (NEW THIS SEASON: Elite Passes will be awarded to athletes who attained Category 3 level by the end of the 2017-18 season in at least one discipline. Eligibility Criteria TBD) To be named to the 1st list  (August 2018) you must have registered/renewed your USSS membership prior to July 30, 2018.   The list will be updated the 1st of each month with new USSS/PNSA membership names.


>>>>If an athlete is not listed below, the most likely reasons are:<<<<

1 - Has not renewed with USSS/PNSA by the listed date of the invitation list
2 - Did not meet criteria: (TBD category 3 in one discipline by May 31, 2018)

See rules - ACC is currently working on updating this


Elite Pass Pricing:

Competitor renewed with USSS October 25th or earlier:   $720

*Competitor renewed with USSS October 26th or later:  $750*

The late fee for passes always seems confusing.  If you registered with USSS on or prior to Oct. 25th, but do not buy your pass until Oct. 26 or later, you  pay $720.  Only those who registered with USSS Oct. 26th or later pay $750.


Click on the "PDF Application" link below for the complete packet of papers needed to sign up for the Elite Pass.  All papers in the packet must be filled out and signed for the pass to be issued.

For eligible atheltes, to purchase an Elite Pass, please download, complete, sign and mail the complete PDF application, payment and other mandatory forms to the PNSA office.

The list of ♦participating areas is to come.

Make cheque payable to PNSA

or pay via PayPal, which includes PayPal's surcharge.

Note pricing for the different USSS renewal dates!

Elite Pass Options



Invitation List - Valid   

All athletes on the current list qualify for the $720 price.  Athletes with * by their name must pay the late fee price.

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