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Rankings for current season championship qualifications:


As of May 24, 2017


Ability Class Points: points earned in/thru USSA Points List #14 and 3-May-17.

Ability Class Rules
Link to all Ability Class lists for the season


WR Alpine Champs.

WR U19/U21 Jr Champs - with full boards after NWC 3 Approved
WR U16 Champs selections -   with full Boards after NWC 3 Approved
U14 Champs - OR, E WA and W WA Approved

Nordic Jr Nationals

Junior Nationals


NW Cup Standings

Ladies and Men - after NWC Finals
Team - after NWC Finals


PNSA U16 Series

Ladies and Men - after NWC Finals
Team Standings - after NWC Finals



Individual and Team Standings - after Q4



Individual Standings & Team Standings - plus individual race results